I have to admit I’m freaking out – I’ve been asked to get a PICC line which is a central venous catheter threaded through a vein in my arm to just above my heart.   I go into hospital to get it done this morning and have barely slept worrying.  The next 6 weeks starting tomorrow is so intense in terms of drugs and blood draws that I know it makes sense not to be repeatedly stuck with needles but the whole idea of it is grossing me out to use the parlance of someone much younger than my 42 years.  Wish me luck!

10 thoughts on “A bone to PICC with

    1. Thanks Arthur! First person to comment and sign up to my blog – you’re right onto this aren’t you? I am such a late adopter – still learning about blog etiquette and now that I’m out of hospital I’m having to sharpen up my grammar…I’m going to blame it on writing posts on an iPhone with canulas in both hands, rather than my lack of attention to detail. The blog won’t be as entertaining as yours! Have loved your book – highly recommend it to my now 600 followers (how did that happen so quicky?!) – here’s a link for those who want a good read http://www.amazon.co.uk/Around-World-Wonder-Socks-somewhere/dp/1514758865/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1446745352&sr=8-1&keywords=arthur+penlington


  1. I salute you and your amazing courage Deborah. I will be watching, hoping and sending all my love in support of you winning this ultimate battle.

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    1. Thanks Susan, appreciate this – I’ve very optimistic this is the right treatment for me…not so much brave as not having much alternative! Being away from the kids is the worst but they’ll be here in 3 weeks for 9 weeks so I’ve got something to look forward to x


  2. Deb,

    I had a PICC for my transplant and was glad I did. I just hated showering with the darn thing. It was tougher for my wife as she had to change the dressings at home. You’ll do fine. Let me know how I might help. Brian

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    1. Thanks Brian – I’ve now found out who the PICC expert is and she reckons she could get it in relatively easily. I might need it for when they introduce the ABT-199 as there are a lot of blood draws for a couple of weeks – will see how the veins hold up – your blog has helped me over the past 4 years learn how to protect my veins so I am careful. Thanks, Deb


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