Rats and mice

I have woken up a few hours after day 2’s shenanigans with wild dreams and a slightly raised temperature, not viral more like lots of things are going on in my body!  And indeed they are. In my dream a mouse was running around my bed.  image

The consent form I signed had a lot of things about potential side effects and because so few humans have been on these drugs a lot of the information goes along the lines of “in mice hair changes have been observed from brown to white – we do not yet know if this will happen in humans” – so my little imaginary mouse and I have been very busy over the last few hours because I have woken up with almost no palpable lymphadenopathy – all my lumps and bumps have disappeared – and they were big – not giant but enough not for me to be able to wear strapless dresses or wear my hair up (first world problems). 

 I did not expect this to happen so quickly after only one dose and it didn’t happen quite so quickly when I had chemo. I have not been this well for over 2 years and I have only had 2 days of treatment.    I am buzzing with a new sense of hope and steroids.

4 thoughts on “Rats and mice

  1. Wow! That’s an amazingly quick result. Your blog is great, Debs, and I’m sure will be incredibly useful for those who follow in your footsteps. Sending lots of love and healing vibes your way xx


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