Remember, remember the 5th November

After my adventures with the mouse in the middle of the night, I’ve been a bit tired today.  Popped into the hospital to have a blood test at lunchtime and picked up the results from 10pm last night which showed my White Blood Count is now 11 and my Absolute Lymphocyte Count is 2.7 which is in the normal range.   My haemoglobin has dropped a little to below normal (10.8) which could also account for a bit of the tiredness but it’s not enough to warrant a blood transfusion thank goodness.  Felt a bit sad helping the nurse find a vein – I am starting to look like I’ve been injecting drugs into my veins for years – heroin chic I think not.   Maybe that PICC line might be worth another go.  No more pricks so to speak until Tuesday and tonight is one of those nights I really miss in the UK – it’s bonfire night.  I often wonder what primitive tribes would make of our tradition of ferrying a stuffed effigy of one Guy Fawkes around in a wheel barrow to throw on a bonfire and dance around chanting while celebrating his burning.  Home firework displays are illegal in Australia so I wish the children were with me to see the view beneath a leaden sky from the 23rd floor of my apartment near Barts tonight.


2 thoughts on “Remember, remember the 5th November

  1. Sorry we didn’t manage to meet up in London but I’m following your blog and sending all best wishes. You’re very brave and I know a little about how you feel about all those needles. My veins have all decided to disappear too and every blood test is a battle. Perhaps we can have a drink in January when I’m in Melbourne. Big hugs XxKristina


    1. Thanks Kristina, we’ll definitely have that drink at some stage maybe at Gwinganna again? I sadly won’t be able to return to Australia until at least May – just in time for winter again (why I couldn’t have managed a year of summer I’ll never know!). Loved seeing your travels on Facebook, I hope you’re well x


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