1/10th of the story and it’s amazing

I’m just about to start the 2nd day infusion of Obinutuzimab – I’ll get the rest of the 900mgs today (I only had 100mgs yesterday).  My first blood test since then has just come back and my bloods are almost in the normal ranges for the first time since I relapsed over 2 years ago.  Bear in mind this is just a little bit of the first of the two drugs I’ll be having.  I’m very excited.

For those of you who don’t understand blood test results the thing to look at is the WBC and the Lymphocyte Count – I was at 44 when we started yesterday and this morning I’m at 14!  The normal range is 4.0 – 10.  This is a reflection of the amount of Cancer in my blood.  I have bulky disease which means my Cancer predominantly lives in my Lymphatic system and my bone marrow and, according to my biopsy a month ago, that was 67 percent infiltrated by the CLL.   Hopefully the obinutuzimab will be able to kick out some of those Cancer cells into the bloodstream and start knocking them off. I’ll be having 1,000mgs next Tuesday then another 1,000 the week after before ABT-199 is added into the mix and I can’t wait to tell you all about that amazing drug!  My Neutrophils are raised which is a hystemic reaction to the drug and I’ve since found out that actually having a reaction is a good thing as it shows my immune system is still working well despite the fact I have a Cancer of the immune system.  Bring on the rest of today.

5 thoughts on “1/10th of the story and it’s amazing

      1. Good thanks Camilla. A bit tired today so taking it quietly. Popped into the hospital to have a blood test and got the results from last night – my lymphocyte count is now in the normal range so that’s great news. Still feeling better than I thought I would…think being awake half the night is catching up with me more than anything else at this stage! Will be plenty of other opportunities to come and hang out with me over the next 6 months x


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