Two Little Ducks

+Day 22 – Tuesday

I loved playing Bingo with my older relatives when I was younger so please humour me with my reference to Day 22. Not much to update today. I’m having trouble sleeping (gosh Australians would totally call me a “whingeing pom” at the moment but I am trying to tell you warts ‘n’ all and somewhere someone is probably freaking out about me sharing all this online!). I’m not anxious or anything and not really worrying about anything in particular I just think that my body is so busy dealing with the growing T-Cells that I’m not able to switch off. And while I think out of it – a shout out to Philip in France who has his CAR-T infusion today – hope all goes well.

Not getting enought exercise has definitely been an issue so today I went for a walk with my friend Nicole, all masked up, to collect an Ethernet cable following an interview I did with Charlie in London last night which was problematic. I didn’t realise I could use a fixed line from my modem to make the feed more stable than using wifi (learn something new everyday – technical friends will be rolling their eyes at this point). Anyway that was my purpose today and it felt like a good achievement to do an hour long round trip, get something practical and catch up with a good girlfriend. The walk wasn’t hard but when I got home I realised I was shaking – took my blood pressure and this was where it was at which is crazy!

Lots of water, something to eat and I’ve stopped shaking. I checked it a few minutes later and it was much better – still low but not as low as freaked me out with that reading! So here’s yesterday’s update with my friend Charlie from Brandcast Media and hopefully the feed will be better going forward.

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