Shrinking me 

Day 2 and I had 900mgs infused over 5 hours making  it to warp speed by the end of the infusion without any reaction so next week’s single 1,000mgs infusion will be much quicker.  They added the anti-emetics to the Premeds today just in case.  I have another 2 cycles of the obinutuzimab over the next fortnight (every Tuesday) before the ABT-199 is introduced.  This means I have a blood test tomorrow and then have a little break from the hospital.
I’m the first patient to be on this protocol in this order at Barts and I can see my Doctors and Nurses are excited for me too. Given I have relapsed with potentially chemo refractory disease we didn’t know how it would respond – this could be a real gamechanger when combined with the powerful punch of ABT-199 which, as we say in news, is still to come! I’m drinking about 4 litres of water a day and am loving a couple of Purdey pick me ups too. I fasted during the infusion just in case today as I didn’t want to feel sick then had an iron rich meal for dinner (I’m a little anaemic and any excuse to have a good steak and lots of greens!). Final bloods at 2130 and home by 2200 – I’ll get those results tomorrow.

I thought this would interest you.  Photos of my neck yesterday and by the end of today – my lymph nodes are all shrinking rapidly, I’d say by as much as 50 percent already and that’s everywhere – my neck, under my arm, the chain down my sides, my abdomen and even in my groin (such an unsexy disease to have this!)  I feel great and just so happy that I’m evening up the odds with a lot of help from this new immunotherapy.   So so grateful to be here thanks to my specialist Professor John Gribben who I met in California while looking for a trial in the US but that’s a story for another day.

My sexy neck yesterday:

And 24 hours later:

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